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The kids love him

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something that happened in high school… wow, all I can think of is the really shitty fucked up shit. WAIT I HAVE A (maybe) FUNNY STORY

but before I tell it, I would like to apologize to my darling best friend who this is about. okay, so i was a theater kid in high school. at the end of every show, we would have a closing circle and the seniors would each give a little speech, the director would give gifts to the entire cast and underclassmen would get gifts for the seniors. generally an emotional time, at least 10 people crying always. sooooo after one of the closing circles, when we were sophomores, Li and I were sitting in the foyer of our school, waiting to get picked up by parents to go home. I hadn’t cried at all during the circle but Li had, so she’s pulling herself back together. we’re just sitting and shooting the shit, when Lila starts telling me about this roadkill she and her mother had passed a couple days ago. a squirrel. and instead this being a normal, oh so sad poor animal, she starts crying hysterically over the squirrel. I, of course in my usual role as a normal human being, start laughing hysterically to the point that I’m crying. of course our friends notice and come over to figure out what the fuck is going on, which takes a while cause you know neither of us can really speak anymore.

SOYEAH. pretty exemplary moment of our friendship. sadly enough.

it’s not funny anymore! it wasn’t that funny five years ago and it definitely isn’t anymore. tell better stories loser.

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A lone male lion rarely makes it on his own. To survive—and to father cubs—a male needs an ally, one that will help him take over a pride and hold it long enough to father cubs and protect them into adulthood. Coalitions, as these alliances are called, can consist of several lions and may become powerful enough to control more than one pride. The relationship between the males in a coalition is intense and may last a lion’s lifetime.

By Michael Nichols

Footage | How to save a lion

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japanese dwarf flying squirrel

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Christmas at Hogwarts.

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Pulpit Rock | by Alexander Jikharev.

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